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Lahaina Printsellers History

Lahaina Printsellers

Lahaina Printsellers was established in 1978. Alan & Charlene Walker over the next several decades, worked to build a collection of antique maps and local art , cementing Lahaina Printsellers as one of the most recognizable galleries in Lahaina. The production office, located on Limahana street archived and stored thousands of antique maps and files for all of the artists over the years, and served as the go-to place for residents of Maui for art.

Unfortunately, the Lahaina Wildfires, ravaged our town, destroying the majority of businesses including both locations. Alan and Charlene, ready for retirment have passed the mantle onto me, to continue Lahaina Printsellers' legacy and provide a home for local artists once more. My name is Chris Anderson. I have worked with Lahaina Printsellers for just over 10 years now and served as Gallery Director, Production Manager and the last couple years, Head of Operations. I am very proud and honored to continue Lahaina Printsellers with the respect and strive for customer satisfaction Alan & Char originally built this company on.

My plan is to begin with online sales on metal, to help raise money for us to rebuild a physical location in Lahaina once it has been rebuilt. Once our printers arrive, we will begin to carry canvas, add more artists and continue to grow back towards a glimmer of Lahaina Printsellers former glory. Unfortunately well over 2000 irreplaceable maps and scanned files were destroyed, so our rebuild of the Antique side of the business will be slow. Our primary goal is to create a home for the Artist's whose galleries will not be rebuilding.

If you would like to assist, a percentage of all sales, will be going to the artists, all of which have been directly affect by the fires. In addition to this support, we have created a gofundme to help assist in the steep task of rebuilding the business. Equipment, commercial space, supplies, payroll and more will be a few of many steps towards this process and any assistance, whether it be donating or purchasing art is greatly appreciated.