Bright Paradise


View Efren Erese’s Photographic-like oil paintings that capture every detail of his florals, down to the water droplets falling from the petals.



Bright Paradise by Efren Erese

Efren S. Erese, a founding member of the Pacific Artists’ Guild for over 35 years, has been painting since he was a child. A resident of Angeles City in Pampanga, Luzon, The Philippines , he has supported his family with his art for 45 years.

His versatility is astounding. He is equally at home painting the intricacies of the rigging of a 19th century clipper ship as he is recording the natural beauty of the exotic flowers that surround his home. Efren is a lay preacher and a sincere and devout man who has been blessed with a talent that all can appreciate, but few can emulate. He welcomes commissions and his paintings have been acquired by discriminating collectors worldwide.


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Bright Paradise by Efren Erese

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