Front Street Moon


Front Street Moon by Ben Saber. Feel the Nostalgia as you view Ben Saber’s vibrant world of Maui with his masterful Acrylic paintings as Gicleés.



Front Street Moon by Ben Saber

As a child in France, Benjamin’s gift was recognized by his teachers, and under their tutelage, he received training and more importantly, encouragement.  In 1977 as a young man Ben moved to Washington D.C. and traveled to the South, the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest. He continued his studies at the University of Washington, where he studied under Jacob Lawrence. However, Seattle’s inclement climate stifled Ben’s penchant for plein air, so he moved to Hawaii.

He traveled the islands painting as he went until he finally settled in Maui in 1995. There he achieved considerable success with his bright, affordable impressionistic images. “If people feel good when they view my paintings, then we share a common enthusiasm. I portray my visions on canvas with a degree of artistic license. Why not? Otherwise I might just as well take photographs. I am definitely not a realist. If you must classify me, I would describe myself as a romantic modern impressionist”. – Ben Saber

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Front Street Moon by Ben Saber

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