Opening in Lahaina Cannery Mall in August

Pioneer Inn - 2023

George Young has so many good memories of Lahaina, but out of all of them, he chose the Pioneer Inn as his 'Memories of Lahaina' art piece.

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Limited Collection

As our Production Office and Gallery were completely destroyed by the fire, our 40+ years of building a digital archive of antique maps was lost alongside several artist works. Luckily, some of our artists, had digital file backups of parts of their work. While we slowly rebuild with our artists, the collections may be limited. We will be adding new art and artists as we progress towards a new production office!

Todd Kawasaki

Banyan By The Sea

Lahaina may be gone, but the roots of what made it Lahaina still live. Our memories and our love of this town, will grow back, stronger than ever.

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Todd Kawasaki

Front Street

When does a photograph become historical? Is it by age alone? No, when something has changed forever, records of it prior to that change become historical. Front Street will forever be in our hearts.

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Melissa Rigney

Front Street Fun

Local shops, unique restaurant experiences and a beautiful view of the ocean and Lahaina History. What could be more fun?

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Melissa Rigney

Melissa Rigney was born in the early eighties and after just 5 days her parents took her to Mexico and then moved to the wild Big Island of Hawaii. She grew up in a hula skirt between the lava tubes and the ocean waves.

The bright vivid colors of Hawaii were her home and Hawaiian colors influenced her art tremendously. She was living in a breathing color wheel.
Melissa started pencil drawing recognizable people when she was just a baby, animated by the outdoors- the people, the bugs, cuddly animals and palm trees swaying in the tropical wind. She was fun and fancy free running around barefoot in her purple bikini and grass skirt with her colors.. always coloring and smiling.

When she discovered oil paints at Maui’s Baldwin High School, her passion was inflamed & she fell in love with painting for life.
Maui has healed, inspired, and uplifted her and almost 100% of her oil paintings were created here..

Dye-Infused Aluminum

The Gallery Mount is a very elegant solution to hanging your Dye-Infused Aluminum art. The Gallery Mount is made from aluminum channels recessed in from the edge of the print by 1½". It floats your print off the wall by ¾" creating a very contemporary look. The Gallery Mount comes with a hanging wire attached so that your print is ready to hang right out of the box.

All orders on this website will be dye infused aluminum, until our printers arrive for canvas and other media types!

Laura Mango - Hana's Whimsical Artist

Laura Mango

Laura Mango has been painting on the island of Maui since 1978.... 

Drew Sulock

Drew Sulock, originally from Philadelphia, has lived on several islands throughout the Caribbean before settling on Maui in 2009.Throughout his life, he has always been amazed by the earth’s natural beauty, both above and below sea level. He has spent his entire adult life working on the water, and is inspired to share this world with everyone through photography.

George Young

Local artist George Young began studying art and painting under the guidance of his father who was also an artist and teacher. A native of Newport Beach, California, Mr. Young has resided near coastal locations for most of his life and that proximity has cultivated a love of lush ocean landscapes and warm tropical climates. His beautiful oil paintings are primarily images of Maui’s paradise. He skillfully blends vivid color and shadow, and he genuinely captures the languid beauty that his subjects inspire.