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Lahaina Printsellers History

Lahaina Printsellers

Alan and Charlene Walker launched Lahaina Printsellers, Ltd in 1978 in Lahaina, Maui, to market original antique maps and prints exclusively. In later years, with the advent of new technology, they invested in high resolution printing presses to produce replicas of the antique maps/prints as a means of broadening their client base. Eventually they were to take on local artists, selling their originals and reproductions of their art, which created a whole new segment of their already established antique line. When the tragic fire on August 8, 2023 destroyed the town of Lahaina, millions of dollars of their archives of antique material turned to ashes, never to be replaced, which led to their earlier than planned retirement. The success of their business was in large part due to so many wonderful employees over the years but the two most loyal and devoted were Alyce Valenta and Bonnie Walker who were with them from the very beginning and whose profound knowledge of antique maps and prints was enormous, are now enjoying their well- deserved retirement. They will be missed by so many.
With the antique division now defunct, they are passing the Lahaina Printsellers mantel on to their manager, Chris Anderson, who intends to continue marketing the many talented artists they were honored to represent over the years. They know he will thrive and continue to uphold the reputation of Lahaina Printsellers and they wish him and their talented artists well.
My name is Chris Anderson. I have worked with Lahaina Printsellers for just over 10 years now and served as Technology expert, Gallery Director, Production Manager and eventually Head of Operations. I am very proud and honored to continue Lahaina Printsellers with the same consideration and respect for their customer’s satisfaction that Alan & Char originally built this company on.
My plan is to begin with online sales on metal, which will help raise money for us to establish a physical location in Lahaina once it has been rebuilt. Once our printers arrive, we will begin to produce canvas prints, add more artists and continue to strive to maintain the reputation that has taken 45 years to accomplish. I do plan to continue with the very popular nostalgia line but sadly the antique maps and prints will no longer be available. Our primary goal is to create a home for the Artist's whose other galleries will not be rebuilding.
If you would like to assist in our rise from the ashes a percentage of all sales will be going to the artists, all of whom have been directly affected by the fires. In addition to this support, we have created a gofundme site to help assist in the steep task of rebuilding the business. Purchasing Equipment and supplies, securing commercial space and so much more will be the tasks before us and we are ready, willing and able to meet these challenges! Any assistance, whether it be donating or purchasing art will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

With the inability to acquire 45 years of amassing their huge collection of antique maps and prints, I want to thank our Antique Map department from the bottom of our hearts for being the foundation of the company for all those years!

Alyce Valenta – worked with Lahaina Printsellers for over 40 years as the backbone of our Antique Map department. Had you the pleasure of meeting Alyce, you would never forget her. Her enthusiasm for her vocation, which was also her avocation, is unsurpassed and her tremendous knowledge of antique maps seemed to increase on a daily basis. We know her clients will miss her as much as we do.

Bonnie Walker - has been a part of Lahaina Printsellers for over 40 years. She has had an amazing, well-travelled life, which contributed immensely to her knowledge of geography and consequently maps in general, Her attention to detail and her organizing skills are truly remarkable and were a major contribution to the success of Lahaina Printsellers.

Bob Fontana - If you ever looked up reviews for Lahaina Printsellers, you will find a plethora of them talking about Bob's overwhelming customer service and knowledge. A very good friend of mine personally and with being at Lahaina Printsellers for over 10 years, Bob cemented himself as a part of the Big 3 of Antique Maps!