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Lahaina Printsellers has been established on Maui for over 40 years. We have one of the largest assortments of antique maps of Hawaii, The Pacific, and The World. Our collection of antique maps represents a wide range of companies and cartographers, including: Ortelius, Blaeu, Mercator, Stahan & Cadell, John Tallis, Rand McNally, Mitchell, Colton, Johnson, Binger, Weller, Cram and the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (S.D.U.K). One of our most popular maps, “The Cook General Chart” was published by Stahan & Cadell and depicts the first accurate mapping of the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii).

We also carry a wide variety of Hawaii nostalgia. We reproduce some of the most influential artist’s paintings of the early history of Hawaii such as: Charles Bartlett, Eugene Savage and John Kelly. We also feature an impressive Hawaiian sheet music collection so if you are seeking Hawaiian nostalgia, look no further.

Lahaina Printsellers represents over 30 Maui local and international artists and photographers. Our photographers have covered every beautiful inch of Maui. If you have visited O’ahu, Kauai or The Big Island; Todd Kawasaki has traveled the entirety of Hawaii and showcases gorgeous views of every Island. All of our photography is available on canvas or dye-infused aluminum.