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Drew Sulock

Honu Rainbow Split

Honu Rainbow Split

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Drew Sulock, originally from Philadelphia, has lived on several islands throughout the Caribbean before settling on Maui in 2009.Throughout his life, he has always been amazed by the earth’s natural beauty, both above and below sea level. He has spent his entire adult life working on the water, and is inspired to share this world with everyone through photography.

Drew’s work has been featured by several publications including Maui No Ka Oi Magazine, Climbing Magazine, ESPN+, and National Geographic Online. He leads student expeditions for National Geographic teaching photography and marine conservation.

Before becoming an award winning photographer, Drew received a masters degree in marine science. While doing research on coral reefs throughout the world, he was struck by the overwhelming beauty of the underwater environment. It was not long before he realized he could do more to help marine life by sharing images of this stunning ecosystem through his photos, than he could by solely conducting research. Someone needs to show the world what we are trying to preserve, and the images Drew has created aim to do that.

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